Friday, May 30, 2014

Gold Rush Cocktail

Gold Rush Cocktail

2oz bourbon
3/4oz honey syrup*
1/2oz lemon juice

Pour all ingredients into a shaker tin. Add ice, shake and strain into a coupe or a rocks glass with a big cube. No garnish.

{*to  make honey syrup, use 2 parts honey to 1 part water and stir or shake in a sealed jar until dissolved}

This is a really delicious drink. It is sweet and tangy but still boozy, especially if you use 100 proof bourbon, which you should.

Surprisingly, it was only invented recently. It is one ingredient swap away from several classics like the bee's knees and brown derby but somehow no one ever came up with honey, lemon and bourbon, or at least never wrote it down. Sam Ross created this at Milk & Honey in Manhattan in the past ten years or so.  I don't know which he made first but it's also like a simplified penicillin cocktail.

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  1. The Honey Sour ( Gold Rush) first appeared in 1951. Ted Saucier's Bottoms Up [With Illustrations by Twelve of America's Most Distinguished Artists] Cocktail book. The drink was created by a writer for Mr. Sobol wrote ''New York Cavalcade,'',The New York Journal and later The Journal-American. He also wrote for the short-lived World Journal Tribune. Sam Ross had nothing to do with the creation of this cocktail. Like most mixologist, they rename classics and make them their own.. The "penicillin by Sam Ross is no different!