Sunday, July 21, 2013

Beet Pickle

I made delicious raw fermented beet pickles. The recipe is from Phickle except i didn't add the basil. I even have way too much basil growing, but cumin seemed like enough. I sliced them thick and left the skins on. They fermented for 10 days in our ridiculous heat wave and were super sour and wonderful.

I have a double shot glass that fits perfectly into skinny mouth canning jars and this is how i should ferment from now on.

Cumin Beet Pickle  (

2 C Water
1 Tbl salt
1 1/2 tsp cumin seed

About a dozen beets; some were super small and a few were large.

I chopped up all the beets I had and it fit in a qt jar. Covered with brine above. Let sit at scorching room temperature for 10 days Cleaned the rim carefully and put a clean cap on it and stored in the fridge. Great snack pickle but i wouldn't put it on a sandwich.

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