Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Rockledge Mule

One of my favorite simple mixed drinks is a Moscow Mule. Its a ginger beer and vodka and fresh lime. Its tangy, spicy, sweet, sour, and refreshing. (Most liquor pairs nicely with ginger beer in my opinion but more on that later.) The recipe I like to do, when I feel like measuring, is 2oz vodka: 3oz ginger beer: 1/2 lime squeezed and thrown in a highball glass filled with ice. This is Gary Regan's recipe. I generally do measure all my cocktails but this one I occasionally just pour til it tastes right.

Ive made some variations on this simple formula with success. My favorite was using lemon thyme infused vodka. I had the opportunity to try a new variation today and it is exceptional! My parents have a large raspberry patch and when they're ripe there's waaaay too many berries for them to pick or use. So I infused 20oz of vodka with a pint of fresh raspberries, thinking I would make a liqueur eventually. The berries sat for about a month. The booze turned beautifully pink very quickly. This was probably too many berries for this much alcohol but it worked great for this drink. Yesterday I tried making a boozy raspberry limeade by using the raspberry infused vodka to make a caipirinha style drink. It was super gross! The lime and the tartness of the raspberry was too much. I couldn't even drink it. I was bummed. 

I always use Reeds Ginger Beer, extra ginger brew, for any ginger ale/beer recipes. Its pretty sweet, very citrusy and really spicy. It balanced out the wild tartness of my vodka so well. I was pleasantly surprised. I really thought I would need to cut it with plain vodka. Nope. SO GOOD!

Rockledge Mule

2 oz Raspberry infused vodka
3 oz Ginger Beer
small lime wedge

Build in an ice filled highball.


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